Q. What’s it made of?

A. One of our most commonly asked questions! It is a proprietary blend of aggregates sourced from the United States of America that withstands heat of upwards of 3000F. Each block is handmade in our own factory and produced with care to ensure the highest quality product.

Q. Where is it made?

A. Each item is handmade in the United States of America of American sourced materials. We designed, engineered and tested this product right here in our backyard – the USA!

Q. Is it safe to use on any surface?

A. It never hurts to use a trivet or hotplate as another level of safety. Just make sure the surface is always level and sturdy. Remember, we are producing portable ambiance and changing how you interact with fire. Just like with any heat source, after and during use the fire pit will be hot – always use caution!

Q. What type of fuel do you recommend?

A. We like 91% or higher isopropyl rubbing alcohol. However, 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol will always work as well! Just make sure to double check the label – we are looking for the good stuff, make sure isopropyl rubbing alcohol is the only ingredient listed on the label! Finally, always use a long neck lighter or long match to ignite.

Q. Can I really use this indoors?

A. Yes! We do recommend having a fresh air source, this is important especially if you are using a recirculating heating or cooling system. Such as central AC or a forced hot air heating system.

Q. How long will I be able to re-imagine fire and portable ambiance?

A. Depending on the amount of fuel and alcohol content – about 45 mins to 1 hour. Don’t overfill and NEVER add fuel while the fire is cooking! Just like after a work out, give your fire pit a chance to cool off between fills. Hot pits will burn your fuel faster and shorten the ambiance and no one likes that.

Any other questions or concerns? No sweat. Never hesitate to get in touch with us!